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Since 2009, over 4000 creators have already used Adplan!

Adplan is a web platform dedicated to advertise your products, banners and text news directly in a wide variety of imvu related websites, including all of the ones that compose our chain of services.

You can use Adplan to advertise up to 6 products and an additional 6 products that are derivable if you are a mesher. These products can be of any rating, General Audience (GA) or Access Pass (AP).
You will also be able to advertise with banners of different sizes, and linked text shoutout-like news.

Adplan also offers you tools to monitor your advertisement performance, so you can see how many times your products, banners and news got clicked, how many times they were shown on the different sites, etc etc.

The advertisings will link directly to your imvu product pages, so if you are a VIP creator, it doesn't matter if your VIP lapses, you can still use Adplan to advertise your products!


Advertise up to 6 products and change them all the times you want. If you are a mesher, you can advertise another 6 additional derivable products!


Advertise your brand directly with up to 4 banners in different sizes, that you can change and update all the times you want, and will be linked to your catalog page.


Advertise anything you want with a short shoutout-like phrase linking to your catalog, an specific product, a public room or group, website, or any other imvu-related subject. .


Submit your products

Submit your products

Easy 1-click add of products to be advertised.

Submit your Banners

Submit your Banners

Upload your banner images and they will get automatically linked to your catalog.

Submit your News

Submit your News

Submit a short phrase and a link to be advertised as a shoutout.

Click Reports

Click Reports

Analyze complete reports of the clicks all your products, banners and news got via Adplan advertisements.

Sales Report Generator

Sales Report Generator

Exclusive tool to calculate statistics and generate graphics about your IMVU product sales.

Derive List

Derive List

The long awaited feature for imvu creators is already on Adplan! Save all the products you plan on deriving in the future.

Tutorials and Guides

Tutorials and Guides

Access a concise listing of essencial tutorials to learn and expand your creator skills.

Exclusive Adplan Badge

Exclusive Adplan Badge

Request the exclusive Adplan Badge to display and support all the Adplan creator community!


More +

New features are added periodically so thats not all to it! :)


The aim of this advertising system is to give your products more exposure than the one you can get on the imvu catalog. The sites that feature the banner receive visits from a lot of people daily from the imvu user community.

These products are currently being advertised with Adplan

These are some of the sites that will advertise your products and/or banners:

Bling Directory

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Signing up for Adplan is very easy: simply choose a plan length, pick one of the available payment methods, and after your purchase, you will receive a message from us with your login credentials so you can login and start using Adplan. This process usually takes a couple hours if not a few minutes. All available plans include the complete use of all the system tools and features.

Pick your plan

We send you the login info

You send your products

We advertise for you

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Consider becoming a Patron to our site and enjoy monthly Adplan monthly renewals!
Gift Adplan to a friend or an alternate imvu account and get a free 15 days extension to your main Adplan account! (This offer is available only for already registered members).

2 months

4 months

6 months

1 year

After sending the payment, gaf210 will contact you within the next 24 hours to give you the necessary information to start your advertise plan. Be sure to have your messages to Everyone and NOT to buddies only or OFF!!